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Alex Shier is a native from Port Huron, Michigan. It is a small town, but full of music being just outside the city of Motown. He started playing the guitar at the early age of nine, learning all of the music by ear. It wasn’t until the later stages of his career when he began to develop his voice. After that, he learned how to play piano, bass, drums, the ukulele, and the mandolin. The singer-songwriter has an array of influences from Rock, Blues, Pop/Rock, Jazz, and Classical music. “It wasn’t until 2012 when I started performing in real venues. That is when I really began to develop my vocal technique, and my skills as a performer. I believe real musicianship is being able to stand in front of somebody and blow them away with the talent you have. That’s the goal I have been trying to achieve.”

Since 2012, Alex has played many venues, and bars inside/outside of the Detroit area, trying to get some exposure for his career to kick off. In the 13th season of American Idol, he made it through four rounds after eventually being kicked off of the show. “Ever since American Idol, the motivation has been there for me to excel as a musician.” In 2014, he started writing the songs for his new EP album “Make you feel alright”, which is scheduled to release in the spring. In the later months of 2014, he will be moving to Nashville, Tennessee to advance in his music career.

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